One person at a time…Starting with you!

You’re invited to join the Peace On Earth Movement where we believe Compassion and Kindness are King (and Queen!). We’re just getting started but we have some exciting stuff coming for you very soon. Scroll down to see what we’re all about, and to learn how you can help spread the peace and good vibes, today!

We believe Peace is…

  • Possible: Today, for everyone both collectively and individually;
  • A Right: For every human being regardless of race, nationality, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, or religious background;
  • A Choice: Peace is the simplest choice to make for personal and universal well-being.

While Peace is the simplest choice, it is not always easy to achieve.
The purpose of the Peace On Earth Movement is to help you choose Peace and achieve it in your life.


Feeding the Hungry

feed the hungry

We currently feed 3 to 5 homeless and hungry people per week on average. Our goals is dozens, even hundreds. With your help we can reach that goal.

Cancer Care

fighting cancer

We have teamed up with the American Red Cross to provide transportation to help those fighting cancer get the treatments they so vitally need.

moment of peace podcast

World peace starts with inner peace. Click here for our vlog/podcast that helps you live a peace-filled life.

How you can help


Right now, we need your help spreading the word. Join us on social media. Invite your friends to join. Share our posts. AND…listen to the Inner Peace Podcast for ideas and support in living your happiest, most fulfilling life.

What you can look forward to…

Peace takes action. We are developing ways to make it easier for you to take peaceful action. We’re writing a book, developing an app, and initiatives that will unite you with others who also desire peace on this wonderful planet of ours. Stay tuned for more.

Self Help

self help books

We’re writing a book with a revolutionary system to help you create lasting peace and joy in your life. We hope to develop it into a phone app. Stay tuned for more!


inner-peace groups

Think of them like inner-peace support groups. Join & support others in being our best self!

Petition for

petition for peace

We are formulating a petition for ALL the citizens of Earth to engage in creating peace on this wonderful planet. You will be able to sign the petition and join the growing movement of people seeking peace and prosperity for all.

Peace Centers
& more!

peace gardens

Our vision is to have Peace Centers, Community Gardens and many more resources available for everyone who wants Peace to create it.