Let the air flow.
Take in the calm around you
as greenery takes in sunshine.


Listen to your beautiful heartbeat.
Ease the tension
not only in your body,
but in your mind as well.


Let go of all your troubles
but for a simple minute.
Meditate on what you believe
and let your inner lifelines flow.


Inner Peace Coach

Get the individual support you need to
create your goals of inner peace and happiness.

How can Inner-Peace Coaching help you?

  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Become the person you’ve always wished you were
  • Increase the love you have for yourself and others
  • Overcome self-doubts and inner demons
  • Find purpose and meaning in life

Do you wish you had more inner peace and confidence? Feel like you have a purpose to fulfill, but not sure what it is? Do you feel like you’re always fighting against yourself or your inner demons? Inner-Peace Coaching helps you calm the inner storms so you can feel the light of your own soul. With the right support you can find the strength to face your demons and heal heal the painful past.

You were born with a marvelous destiny to fulfill, but life sometimes takes us on wandering paths where we feel lost and alone. Inner-Peace Coaching helps you find a sense of purpose in life and the strength to honor your own path. Think of all the things you’ve wished to accomplish. You still can.

The World Needs YOU!

The world needs your special gifts and talents. The world needs your strength and character. But first — YOU need YOU. Let PJ help you find the personal peace, love and joy you have been looking for. Click the button below for a FREE 30-minute Inner-Peace Coaching Session. Start today!

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What is an Inner-Peace Coach?

Think of it as a Life Coach with a focus on helping you create lasting peace and happiness. An Inner-Peace Coach provides:

  • A listening ear, an open mind and an understanding heart
  • Effective tools to help you deal with life’s obstacles
  • An accountability partner to help you stay on track and reach your goals

Life is challenging. It seems everywhere we turn we are surrounded by messages of negativity. It can be difficult to feel good about ourselves or hold on to hope. But guess what? You can be as happy as you ever dreamed. You can love yourself completely. And…You have an awe-inspiring destiny to fulfill.

Who am I?

My name is PJ Ferguson. I am a Happiness Coach, Author of: How to Love Yourself: A Guide to Loving and Living Well, and The Shortcut To Happiness: Your No-B.S. Guide to the Journey of Joy and a serial entrepreneur. I have been coaching for seven years helping people improve their approach to life, find purpose and meaning, and creating lives they love.

Having faced many difficult challenges in life and overcome my inner demons, I have learned many powerful and important lessons about how to live a happy life. Now that I’ve learned those lessons my joy is in helping others do the same. I’m always trying new ways to help more and more people experience the joy that comes from loving yourself and following your heart.

My initiatives include one-on-one Inner-Peace Coaching, writing books (about to publish another, yay!), and The Peace On Earth Movement. Click the below resources for ways to increase your own inner-peace and happiness:

pj inner peace coach

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, I am offering sliding-scale fees. Pay what you feel like you can afford. Why would I do this?

  1. To celebrate launching The Peace On Earth Movement, and
  2. To pay it forward a bit. The world needs peace now! YOU need peace now!

The sooner you have peace, the sooner the world has peace. So let’s get it going! Here is the sliding scale:

(Ask about my regular rates and support packages which include meetings as needed, mixed with email support to help keep you on track.)



$5 – $25 / session



$26 – $50 / session

60-90 mins


$51+ / session

Some friendly notes about this PWYC model:

  • Normally, PWYC clients were limited to one month of coaching. For as long as I can, I am opening this model to THREE months. Again, because I would like to help you achieve your greatest potential. If all goes well, I may extend PWYC beyond that for special circumstances.
  • This is not “Pay what you think it’s worth”. This is “Pay What You Can.” I’m using the honor system here, so if you can afford my normal rates, please opt to pay my normal rates. If you would like to Pay-It-Forward to someone else, you can certainly pay more than my normal rates and make it possible for others to receive coaching.
  • PWYC coaching is by phone only. My normal rates offer support via video-conferencing and email if desired.
  • Please, only start a PWYC if you are totally committed to doing the necessary work to improve your life. These coaching sessions are for serious, committed individuals only.

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